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The Australasian Society for the Study of Animal Behaviour is a non-profit organisation committed to promoting research on Animal Behaviour within the Australasian region. The society supports epirical,  theoretical and applied research with members ranging from evolutionary biologists to agricultural and natural resource managers.

The relevance and application of research into animal behaviour is broad providing significant contribution to conservation, animal welfare and production,  pest species management, an understanding of biodiversity and geographical distribution of animals and the development of novel technologies,  especially in robotics. Indeed,  to conserve life on this planet for human well-being, we need to understand the behaviour and the knowledgebase of animals.

The society is the only one of its kind in Australia,  committed exclusively to behavioural research. Currently the society supports an annual conference attended by students and researchers from Australia,  New Zealand and the South Pacific,  and also by international visitors. The conference has a particular focus on student participation and professional development by providing a mentoring environment for young scientists.

In 2009 the society launched a small grants program. This initiative supports outstanding and innovative research by postgraduate students that would have difficulty finding alternative sources of support. We are determined and committed to maintaining this initiative well into the future. Unfortunately,  the small profit margin of the society currently makes it difficult to meet this mandate on an annual basis. Donations for this specific program are thus invaluable to the society.

Donations are used solely for the Student Research Grants,  having a direct benefit to animal behaviour research in Australasia. We appreciate donations of any size. Donations are best provided as a cheque or credit transaction. Expressions of interest are to be sent directly to the treasurer.

On behalf of the society,  I thank you for helping us fulfil our goal of stimulating and supporting innovative and groundbreaking graduate student research in Australia,  New Zealand and the South Pacific region.

Yours Sincerely,

ASSAB President

Australasian Society for the Study of Animal Behaviour