About our logo

Artist’s Statement:

The Australasian Society of Animal Behaviour is a small society with big ambitions. In striving to achieve our goals we needed a logo that represents our mission and our identity. The new ASSAB crest was inspired by and modeled on the crest of a cockatoo. Cockatoos are a diverse group of animals that are distributed throughout a large part of Australasia. Their crests come in a variety of shapes, sizes and colours but they are still immediately recognizable as a charismatic feature of these Australasian animals. By basing our logo on the raised crest of a cockatoo we aimed to capture a simple and well-known example of animal behaviour. Using this logo as a representation of our goals we endeavour to continue learning more about the wonderful diversity of Australasian animals and their remarkable behaviour.

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Photo credits:


Hawk-Owl. Credit: Ajay Narendra





header_giraffe weevil

Giraffe Weevil. Credit: Christina Painting





header_Kosciuscola head bite

Chameleon Grasshopper, Kosciuscola tristis. Credit: Kate Umbers






Dolichoderus scabridus. Credit: Ajay Narendra






Seagull. Credit: Ajay Narendra





Eye of a Hoverfly. Credit: Ajay Narendra





Super Fairy Wren, Malurus cyaneus. Credit: Ajay Narendra